National All-Ukrainian Musical Association

Under patronage of the “Creative Chance” Project

With information support of the Department of Education of Kyiv

Event-agency «Style show»

Event-agency for children «Kids show»





Policy Statement


that will take place from April 27 to April 30, 2017 in Kyiv


Founder of the project: The director of All-Ukrainian concert programs and festivals, the director of the event-agency «Style show» and  event-agency for children «Kids show», the teacher of professorial chair of directing the mass actions in National academy of the managerial personnel of culture and arts – Tina Kokhan

Purpose of the International project:

Strengthening of peace and friendship between the countries, assistance to mutual understanding and mutual enrichment in the field of folk art and culture, development of amateur art and preservation of folklore heritage.

Tasks of the International project:

  1. Activization of creative activity of talented children, teenagers and youth from Ukraine and other countries.
  2. Cultural development and cultural traditions of the people from different countries;
  3. Promotion of folk art, customs and traditional culture, folklore treasures;
  4. Acquaintance of foreign collectives from member countries of a festival with the Ukrainian culture, folklore heritage of the Ukrainian people;
  5. Exchange of creative cultural achievements and a possibility of establishment of close contacts between on-stage performance groups from the different cities and the countries.
  6. Promoting and development of folk and modern Ukrainian theatrics in Ukraine and beyond its limits.
  7. Promoting of children’s creativity and creativity of talented youth.
  8. Professional improvement of artistic directors of collectives.
  9. Promoting of culture and tourism in Ukraine
  10. Support and promotion vigorous, active and healthy lifestyle.
  11. Promotion of cultural achievements of the Ukrainian diaspora,
  12. Strengthening of cultural ties with Ukrainians of foreign countries.


The Creative Chance project – under patronage of which passes our festival – it is prestigious All-Ukrainian and International art festivals-competitions of children’s, youthful creativity, youth of Ukraine and the countries of the world.

During 2016 four festivals competitions of arts are held:

– The II International “Winter shine” – February, 2016, Kharkiv, Ukraine;

– The IV International “Source of talents” – April, 2016, Kharkiv, Ukraine;

– The II International “Star summer” – June, 2016, Kiten, Bulgaria;

– The VIII All-Ukrainian “Autumn melodies” – November, 2016, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Founder of the project: The master of art direction in National academy of the managerial personnel of culture and arts, the actress, the journalist, the winner of All-Ukrainian and the International competitions, the member of the league of stuntmen of Ukraine – Alina Melnikova, Kiev.

Partners I International festival competition of arts “World in your heart”:

–  National radio company of Ukraine, radio station «Promin», broadcast « Song of Year »

– “WORLD of the Childhood and Miracles”(«Mir detstva i chudes»)  magazine

– TV channel MARS-TB




Venue: On April 27-29 Ukraine, Kiev,

1, Lesya Ukrainka Square,

the concert hall of Kiev Regional Council

On April 30 Ukraine, Kiev-56,

37, Pobedy Avenue,

Center of culture of KPI,

Dates: from April 27 to April 30, 2017.

Technical providing: the stand microphone, radiomicrophones, scenic light, an audio equipment of CD and mini-CD disks, USB cards.

Participants of a festival competition: the on-stage performance groups and soloists who submitted the application for participation and paid an organizational contribution are allowed to participation in a festival competition. The performers who submitted the application to April 23 in the organizing committee of a festival in electronic form, by fax or personally are allowed to participation. At submission of applications full payment of 100% for participation is made.


Organizing committee:

Representatives are a part of the organizing committee:

founder organizations, and also leading cultural figures of arts, scientific.

Tasks of the organizing committee:

  • creates director`s and backstage group of a festival, directorate;
  • develops the plan and the program of the International festival;
  • approves structure of jury (if the festival is competitive) not later as in two months prior to the festival;
  • selects collectives for participation in a festival;
  • provides the organization of a scientific part of a festival;
  • creates appropriate conditions for participant`s lodging, guests festival (medical care, hotel accommodation, food, transport service);
  • considers and approves an emblem, advertizing production;
  • provides the advertizing company of a festival and TV – shooting
  • will organize work of the press center during the festival days;
  • provides holding festival actions.


Jury of a festival

The jury of a festival consists of the famous actors and outstanding persons of Ukraine, Europe and other countries of the world.

The full structure of jury of a festival appears in 2 months prior to the festival. It is possible to look at full structure of Jury of a festival on the official site of our festival on pages on social networks and festival posters.


Festival competition nominations:


  • Academic vocal
  • National singing and folklore songs
  • Pop song
  • Pop\folk, pop rock and so forth the mixed forms
  • Jazz singing
  • Choral singing
  • Author’s song


Choreography (solo, ensembles, collectives)

  1. Classical dance
  2. National dance
  3. Variety dance, pop – sports dance
  4. Modernist style
  5. Break dance
  6. Competitive ballroom dancing and ballroom dance
  7. Bailey-dance
  8. National, variety stylization


Instrumental performance (solo, duets, trio, quartets, ensembles, orchestras),

  1. Classic
  2. Folk music
  3. Variety execution of music
  4. Jazz
  5. Stylization and the mixed forms


Theater, leading, actor’s miniatures:

  • declamation
  • drama theater
  • puppet theater
  • children’s shadow puppet theater
  • musical


Theaters of fashion, children’s model agencies



Circus art (all types “circus on the stage”)

  • Clownery, pantomime
  • Juggling
  • Trapeze artists (ring, cloths, belts), pole dance
  • Sports demonstration performances, acrobats
  • Illusionists, conjurers
  • Original genre







Participation conditions:




Photos of bad quality and sent not in time will not be included in the press!

Filing of application is carried out till April 23, 2017 on




In the application it is necessary to specify artistics for a competition in that order in which it is convenient to act for your collective.

References by phones:

+38063 788 84 94 +38063 346 13 68

+38066 845 54 00 +38067 504 42 87


  1. Participation in a festival is confirmed ONLY AFTER MAKING PrePAYMENT in amount of 50% of a full registration fee (or 100% of full payment of a registration fee) till April 23, 2017 into accounts:

Director and Theatre director of a festival:


Privat Bank

Davydenko Tatyana Alekseevna 4149 4978 7090 3939


!!!To save payment checks before arrival on a festival – they are attached to your Application Form.

  1. After receiving an prepayment in the sum of 50% each actor or collective will receive Invitation- confirmation for a festival by e-mail address specified in the application from and the festival program.

In case of refusal the participant from participation in a competition the prepayment for a registration fee does not come back.

Payment slips have to be saved, but before the festival are given to organizers. Organizers add your payment slips to your application.

Our website:


Formation of participants on age categories:

Performers of 5 years are allowed to participation in a competition festival and are more senior. Performances are formed by age categories:


– category – 5-7 years;

– category II – 8-10 years.


– category – 11-13 years;

– category II – 14-16 years.


– category – 17-19 years;

– category II – 20-23 years;

– category III-23-25 years


Competitive requirements of a festival:

– for vocalists – ” live sound” at competitive concerts

– on TV filming are allowed performance under “+”. Existence of Background vocals is allowed;

– for choreography – existence of onstage dresses, format footwear T;

– for other genres – existence of own requisite, existence of own musical instruments, existence of music for sports demonstration performances and “circus on the stage”;

– in need of use of sound recordings participants bring with themselves on CD (each track on separate CD) or USB cards.


Timing of a performance:

The performer or one structure of collective can present a performance no more than 4 minutes. In category “Theater” the presentation of one number is allowed no more than 15-20 minutes.


Regulations of a festival competition:

On April 27 – a ceremonial opening of a festival

Competitive performances

Theater, leading, actor’s miniatures

Children’s model agencies and theaters of fashion


April 28

Competitive performances (Vocal, instrumental art, Choral singing)

April 29

Competitive performances (Choreography)

April 30

Competitive performances (Circus art, original genre)

Solemn closing, rewarding, gala concert.


Fragments of performances and the mounted interviews with participants will be broadcast on TV channel «Mars TV».

There will take place TV filming of the gala concert which will be broadcast on the channel Tonis.


Organizing committee

The organizing committee provides:

  • conditions of holding festival competition;
  • solves household and organizational problems, disputes of participants during the competition;
  • defines structure of jury;
  • provides working conditions of jury, advertizing and PR of a festival, an awards ceremony of participants, TV filming;
  • solves transport issues of participants (at the expense of participants).
  • The order of performances is determined by the organizing committee by age categories and the nominations. Rehearsal time before the competition is provided to all participants. The order of performances and number defines the organizing committee.


Financial conditions of participation:

The festival is not a commercial action.

Participation in a festival competition is paid. For festival fee the Organizing committee forms festival fund (prizes and awards, payment of jury, tenancy, light, a sound, registration and so forth)


Organizational registration fee (for one nomination in one age category participants pay – 100%; the same nomination, but other age category is paid with 100%, the second nomination from the same performer – is paid with 50%).

Soloists, the duets, the trio, the quartets, ensembles –  350 UAH per head

from 10 people to 50 people – 250 UAH for the person, more than 50 people – 200 UAH per head


For participants from other areas of Ukraine

Two times feeding – 120 UAH/days (the menu can be checked on the website in 2 months prior to the festival)

Accommodation – from 250 to 550grn/days (comfortable hostel in the downtown).

In the festival foyer will work café-bar

For participants from abroad

Participating collective is engaged in the solution of visa questions. Organizers provide for invited the invitation and consultations in obtaining visas.

– the festival fee for one person is:

  • 1 day – $50
  • 2 days – $75
  • 3 days – $100
  • 4 days – $125


The festival fee includes directly festival collecting, feeding (twice / day), accommodation, a sightseeing tour across Kiev.

The excursion in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and the ethno-museum “Pirogovo” is planned.

Transportation and other costs on arrival in Kiev and back occur at the expense of participants


Participation conditions

In one nomination in one age category collective has the right to show no more than 2 numbers.

Vocalists and instrumentalists in 1 nomination have the right to show only 2 works.

At vocalists one of works surely has to be in Ukrainian


The number of people in a competition is determined by the application.

The contribution is coordinated with the director of a festival.

Transportation and other costs on arrival in Kiev and back – at the expense of participants


Jury, evaluation criterion, rewarding.

Criteria of estimation

  • technology of performance;
  • complexity of the repertoire;
  • artistry;
  • compliance of the repertoire to performing opportunities and age category;
  • onstage dress
  • originality of a performance

Upon termination of a festival participants and teachers have an opportunity to discuss competitive performances with judges and to exchange opinions.

Organizers reserve the right to change structure of jury.

At the nominations “Vocal” – the Background vocals are not judged.

The decision of jury is final.


Winners of a competition are awarded with cups and diplomas of i, II, III degrees and become Winners of a festival competition.

Commemorative medals of “The winner of a festival competition” award all participants of a festival competition. (If heads of collective want that all participants of its collective got commemorative medals of the Festival – to a usual registration fee 35 UAH for each participant are applied)

“Gran Pri” of a competition can be appropriated in each nomination according to the decision of jury.

If in any nomination of jury defines insufficiently prepared performers, then 1, 2, 3 place can not be appropriated. Also can not be contestants who received the Grand Prix.

Special awards and prizes are appropriated according to the decision of jury and the organizing committee.


Prize fund

Certificates for the sum of 1000 euros, 500 euros and 300 euros

Money prize  – 5 000 UAH 3 000 UAH, 1000 UAH, 500 UAH, 350 UAH,

Other prizes and gifts will depend on partners and sponsors.


Gala concert

The gala concert of winners will take place in the last festival day.

Not only winners, but also judges will participate in the Gala concert.


Full information on a festival can be obtained at the director and the chief director of a festival competition Tina Kokhan, and also in director’s group of a festival. You can obtain also more detailed information on the website of our festival

Our website:


Force majeur

Dates of a competition can be corrected in connection with force majeur circumstances in the city and in Ukraine, and are reported by the organizing committee.



Help and contact phones.

Tina Kokhan is a director and the theatre director of a festival

  1. +38067-504-42-87; +38063-788-84-94



Director’s group of a festival


References by phones:

+38063 346 13 68      +38066 845 54 00


Addresses for application:

E-mail address:

The contribution is transferred into the account

1) Director and Chief director of a festival:


Privat Bank

Davydenko Tatyana Alekseevna (pseudonym Tina Kokhan)

4149 4978 7090 3939


To save payment checks before arrival on a festival – they are attached to your Application Form.

Our website:

E-mail address:

References by phones:

+38063 788 84 94;  +38063 346 13 68

+38066 845 54 00;  +38067 504 42 87


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